“Hi everyone, my name is Coach Karen! I’m a lifelong Spanish learner and speaker, and I love teaching and helping others communicate in Spanish. I have an MA in Spanish Linguistics and a BA in Spanish, and I’ve taught Spanish at the University of Minnesota, the University of Miami, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I also have over 20 years of experience working in the Latin American business world, through which I’ve been able to travel around Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. In my free time I like to read mystery novels, root for my favorite hockey team (go UMD Bulldogs!), and spend time with my husband, daughter, and dog!”

Coach KarenCoach Karen

“Hello everybody, my name is Coach Jenifer! I’m an experienced and passionate Spanish teacher who loves languages, culture, people and, of course, food! Throughout my years of teaching I’ve learned a lot about the struggles students face when learning a new language and what can hinder their progress. I know it’s challenging to learn something new, but I’m committed to seeing my students succeed. When teaching, it’s important to me to provide an inviting and enjoyable environment where my students feel comfortable being themselves and can have fun while they’re learning. Outside of class I love challenging myself by trying new things and discovering new places!”

Coach JeniferCoach Jenifer

“¡Hola, my name is Coach Darys! I’m a native Spanish speaker and grew up speaking both English and Spanish; these days I’m living in the sunshine state. I’m a certified Spanish language instructor with almost 10 years of teaching experience and I have a Bachelor's in Foreign Languages from University of South Carolina (Columbia). What I like the most about teaching is the art of making learning content meaningful, fun, and easy to comprehend for my students. Outside of teaching I'm a tech enthusiast, I love swimming, and my boxing bag. A fun fact about me is that I never thought I was a cat person until I adopted not one, but two, fur babies! ”

Coach DarysCoach Darys