Who We Are

Fluentopia is an ever-growing community of enthusiastic language learners, world voyagers, resource partners, teachers, and creators. To live up to our name, we've set sail on a pursuit to develop the most perfect language and culture learning experiences. Our roots span North America, Europe, and South America. Between each member of our core team, we have several decades of experience working in the language learning community, successfully connecting people to a new language and its culture. We take our learners' goals seriously and personally, because we're just like them.

What We Do

Despite decades researching the most effective methods and theories of second language acquisition, the industry has yet to find anything more powerful than the tried and true method of learning that's been the most intuitive to humans since we first started crossing paths with each other:

To immerse oneself in a country or set of circumstances where the desired language is spoken natively.

...or to put it simply...

To go where the language is spoken.

With proper guidance and meaningful input, immersing yourself in situations where your desired language is spoken natively can bring you to the absolute edge of what can be done in second language acquisition. But nothing else available has made that experience possible or effective without the cost and time commitment of actual travel. Until now.

Fluentopia exists to bring learners as close to that experience as possible without leaving home. We deliver a potent mix of self-study lessons and live, online "virtual trips" to culturally relevant locations with other learners to practice what you've learned. Each coach-led trip puts you in the action through immersive, culturally-appropriate scenarios aimed at building your fluency. Whether it's at a Tango performance in Buenos Aires, a stroll in Cozumel, or a street food tour in Cartagena, your learning will feel like an adventure. All from the comfort and convenience of home.

As the world becomes more and more connected, it’s so important to move with it and grow as a global citizen. Let’s leave language barriers and borders behind and learn together. We're excited to welcome you to the Fluentopia community.

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